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Real Alien Pictures, Ufo Evidence, Proof Ufos and Aliens Exist

NEW EVIDENCE and a new point of view points to the conclusion that aliens visited Ancient Egypt and other regions of the world in the distant past. Alien pictures we will show you demonstrate the high probability and likelihood that alien visitors did indeed come to Ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations in the remote past. In this website you can also view recent ufo pictures and recent ufo sightings.

We have a very impressive collection of alien pictures, over 15 pages.

Inside our alien pictures section you will be able to view alien pictures that are from several different types of alien races, such as the greys, andromedans, nephilim, and more.

Alien visitors provided valuable knowledge to the people of Egypt such as mathematic skills, astronomy and geometry skills, navigation skills, agriculture, and construction skills. Traces were left behind of their visit to Ancient Egypt. In this website we will look at those traces and see where it leads us. In this website we will also look at other civilizations aliens visited in the past. Places like The Nazca Lines in Peru is one of those places.

There are lots of conspiricies out there about aliens and whether or not they are visiting us. The truth is that there are lots of alien sightings, people see strange objects or lights in the skies all the time. However ufo`s actually landing is something that is not heard of often. Until they do land and make contact with us in a very public way, the debate about whether aliens exist will most likely go on.

The alien and ufo pictures we look at in this website are well known in the world, they have already been seen by thousands or millions of eyes already. What we are doing is looking at them in a totally different way, the way we believe they should be looked at.

Inside our alien and ufo website you will find lots of information relating to aliens and ufos. While we do focus on Ancient Egypt and the race of aliens that visited them. We also go in a much broader direction, and our website will supply you with alien pictures and ufo pictures from around the world.

We are always expanding our ufo website and adding new pictures, videos, and ufo sightings. We also have a very good section on the Dugway Proving Ground, which is a new top secret facility in the United States, where many people believe that alien technology is being backward engineered.

You can also purchase some good ufo videos and ufo dvd's in our ufo online store. Inside this site you can also look at some ancient cave art which shows good evidence that aliens and ufos visited us in the distant past.

One of the most important parts of this website is the Ufo landings section. It looks at why aliens and ufos haven't landed in a public way yet. We also look at the preparations some people are making for their arrival.

Enjoy our ufo site. Our alien pictures section has just been expanded by a lot, we have a ton of good alien pictures, just click on Alien pictures in our menu on the left.

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